the new Hyundai Elantra 2021

 🔴New Hyundai Elantra 2021:-

Held in Hollywood Korean presentation Hyundai Elantra new sedan generations. Due to the flash of the same topics that annoy everyone debut was online but the company revealed all the secrets.

The car learned a lot technological as well ahead of its dimensions Key Competitors - Honda Civic, Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla. 

Despite universal popularity crossovers, Hyundai decided continue modernization line of sedans. And after the updated Sonata has a new Elantra. 

Call the Elantra a sedan now already complicated: Hyundai does not hide, what's the next branding sample Sportiness style exploits the four-door fashion genre coupe ". 

New aesthetics have been complemented on-traditional lines bodywork design concept with many faces in companies call Parametric Dynamics. 

From the side- Three lines encountered at one point, sloping roofed line rear window, smoothly rolling in short tailgate playing the role of the rear spoiler. front new Parametric grid forms. 

Turn signals integrated to the grille as well located at the corners of the new LED headlights. in the back car parts new optics with led jumper on the trunk lid). 

Brand new exterior kind of designers succeeded get through combination two factors - increased length and shorter front overhang. 

Four-door built on the same platform with already the familiar Kia sedan Cerato, Compared to his predecessor, Elantra2021 model years on (56 mm) longer per inch (25 mm)wider and (20 mm) lower. Wheelbase is also increasing by (20 mm) to (2720 mm). 

Diameter wheels available15, 16 or 17 inches. It is alleged that the consequence proportions became more spacious salon. Elantra seats now have lower attachment points, Yes, and the very position of the center gravity became closer to the asphalt. 

The interior has changed beyond recognition. The interior architecture itself almost the same as the older Sonatas, Standard complete sets - devices with analog speedometer and eight inch screen media systems with physical keys and handles On the sides. 

In expensive versions prepared panel where under a single glass two screens installed diagonal of 10.25 inches: one for appliances, the second- for multimedia. 

It is noteworthy that already in the basic version new will get 8.0 inch multimedia complex with functional support Apple Car Play and Android Auto. 

In the States standard Elantra will also have systems auto braking and tracking mark-up. Among the options is voice music management and microclimate, 64-coloradaptive interior lighting cruise control, audio system Bose and the Digital Key function, which allows you to use to unlock the machine and smartphone engine start with NFC tag and installed special application. 

The basis of the motor range of the sedan remained unchanged. This is a gas aspirated1.6 MPI (123 bhp) from the family Smart stream and its gas version1.6 LPI (120 hp). In the USA, Elantra has the main will be atmospheric engine 2.0 MPI (149 HP),. 

All motors work paired with a variator IVT. It was also presented hybrid modification. she's on a 1.6 liter engine working on the Atkinson cycle, and in the six-speed "robot “with two clutches integrated electric motor power43.5 h.p. 

Peak Power Return installation - 141 hp and 264 newton meters of torque and work together with a six-speed dual clutch robot. Lithium Polymer Battery such an Elantra got pretty compact - at 1.32 kWh. Yes, and the ability to recharge from the outlet is not provided. 

Average fuel consumption hybrid sedan level 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The hybrid has a rear independent suspension, while the rest versions simple "beam". 

Prices for the new company until he calls: it is known only that the US markets and South Korean NEW Elantra will be released in the fall. to Russia the new Elantra should get to about one time with the start of sale sin other markets - that is, until the end of this year.