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 🔴New Skoda Enyaq iV 2021:-

Skoda completely declassified new crossover Enyaq, which became the first fully electric Czech brand SUV. 

As reported press service of the company, car production set up at a factory in the city Mlada. 

Enyaq is the second electric car in the Skoda model range after hatchback Citgo iV, based on laid down the MEB platform developed Volkswagen specifically for electric new generation cars. 

According to the dimensions of the electric car comparable to Kodiak: in length it reaches 4648 mm, and in width - 1877 millimetres, in height - 1616 mm.The wheelbase is 2765 mm. 

Trunk volume is 585 litres. Coefficient aerodynamic drag- 0.27. The production model received Enyaq name, composed from the Irish name Enya("Source of life") and letters Q indicating affiliation to the crossover line. 

Serial Enyaq is very different from the concept of the same name: firstly, Enyaq received the traditional for the crossover body, and not compartment-like such version will appear on the market next year). 

Secondly, for the model offered LED optics of all trim levels, and for a surcharge available matrix headlights. Each contains a module high beam with 24 individually controlled by LEDs. 

Such headlights are controlled according to the indications of the frontal cameras, Enyaq got an imitation grille radiator a, for an extra charge illumination of a false radiator grilles ", like the new BMW X6. By the way, 

Doesn't it seem you that Enyaq looks like a BMW? 

In expensive trim levels Enyaq iV can be ordered with wheels up to 21 inches in diameter, however the base SUV put 18-inch "stampings". 

Inside the center of the front the panel is located large touchscreen of the media system10 "or 13" diagonal (depending on configuration)with recognition function gestures and voice commands.

All configurations have digital tidy by 5.3inch. Even in the simplest configuration there will already be dual-zone climate control, multifunction steering wheel with leather trim, multimedia system with Smart Link technology, digital DAB radio, and port fast charging with a power of 50 kW ,In more expensive trim levels there will be a rear view camera, parking sensors, heating steering wheel, charging at 100 kW (ain top versions on 125). 

For some versions paddle shifters will be available petals - with their help you can choose the degree energy recovery at braking. 

There are several to choose from finishes including leather upholstery, with processing which was used olive leaf extract wood, as well as wool or the material received from recycled plastic bottles. 

In general in interior architecture the influence latest production cars brand, When creating Enyaq iV in Skoda adhered to philosophy "Simply clever": in the driver's pocket the doors are traditionally hidden umbrella, under the center armrest located box for 6.2 l, under the central console - one more box by 11.4. 

The second row is sleep set, retractable curtains on the rear side door cleaning system charging cable, two ports USB-C and 230V socket in rear parts of the salon, tables in the backs of the front seats, electric drive of the fifth door with virtual pedal and adjustable in height raised floor in the trunk In addition.

The equipment Travel Assist is enabled, which combines adaptive cruise control and driving assistance system in traffic jams. 

Automatic braking here can fire even when turning at the intersection, if approaching oncoming transport. There is and a special assistant, helping to quickly get around suddenly appeared before car obstacle. 

Besides frontal warning collision here rooted Proactive Crew Protect Assist system, which even before the blow, in emergency braking time, tightens seat belts, closes windows and sliding panoramic sunroof, Remote electric car control from a smartphone that allow spark it remotely (both in parallel and perpendicular). 

Skoda Enyaq will be available in several modifications, including sports version RS. Europeans will be offered choose from three rear wheel drive options and two all-wheel drive. 

Initial modification Enyaq 50 iV is equipped with an electric motor power 148 Hp (maximum torque 220 N • m) and battery full capacity55 kWh (used 52 kWh), allowing to pass340 km on WLTP cycle. 

Such crossover will accelerate to100 kilometers per hour in 11.7 seconds. Crossover Enyaq 60 iV is more powerful(179 HP, 310 N • m) battery it has more (62/58 kWh),as well as the cruising range (390 km). 

Acceleration time to "hundreds” the same. Skoda Enyaq 80 iV with electric motor with 204 power and battery with a capacity of 82 kilowatt-hours rides on one charge 510 kilometers and for acceleration spends up to 100 kilometers per hour 8.5 seconds. 

This option the farthest. The simplest all-wheel drive modification Enyaq 80x iV, equipped with a pair of electric motors (by one on each axis) total capacity 265forces and a battery of 82 kilowatt-hours. Cruising range - 460 kilometers, acceleration to "hundreds" - 6.9 seconds. 

Power plant top Enyaq RS iV produces 306 horsepower forces. Battery and power reserve the same as in 80x iV, while up to a hundred "charged" electric car accelerate in just 6.2 seconds. 

He is able to pull a trailer weighing up to 1.4 t. Optional a towing device with electric unfolding. For all modifications except RS, maximum speed limited at around 160kilometers per hour, and the top option is able to accelerate up to 180 kilometers per hour. 


In the Czech Republic, the base Skoda Enyaq will be costs from 40.4 thousand euros (3.5 million rubles at the current to the European market, the model will hit in 2021.

Welcome edition Founder's Edition Coming in Spring with a circulation of 1895 pieces (in honour of year of foundation of the company). 

Selling a new electric crossover Skoda is not yet in Russia going. How do you like the new Skoda Enyaq iV, write your opinion in the comments