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 🔴The new Audi Q5:-

Audi introduced updated Q5. The car will be produced at the Mexican factory in San Jose Chiapas and start global sales scheduled in the fall of 2020. 

Body sides at Q5 decided do not touch, but during restyling SUV still got brighter look. Due to octagonal lattice radiator: it is slightly recessed, why it looks a little wider than before. 

The shape of the side has changed air intakes that stretched high and decorated trapezoidal inserts. In addition, machines with a packages Line is chrome plated edging of the diffuser. 

But for an extra charge any chrome can replace with black décor. Sports package is different Line “honeycomb” structure grille instead horizontal slats in the basic version. 

Behind the innovations – others lanterns, decorative strip, unifying optics, and also a new diffuser with horizontal “fin”. Distinguish restyledku5y on the side, you can change threshold design. 

Pads visually facilitate the car and “increase” clearance. Due to recycled front and back “Fifth” has become longer by 19 mm. Also car now rims available 21 inch diameter (formerly were a maximum of 20 inches). 

Base lights, LED and for a surcharge offered matrix optics. Also on the updated Audi Q5 used for the first time in the world Organic LED they are in the back lanterns.


Optional blocks madeon OLED technology next generations and consist of three modules of six segments in each. These lights are unusually different bright and uniform light Total available three “light signatures” (one of the options is selected when ordering a car), plus one more in Dynamic mode. 

Lantern configuration can change: e.g. electronics automatically turns on all segments if different the car is approaching from behind less than two meters to fixed crossover. Salon has not changed. 

There is a new multimedia system (MIB 3) with central display, at 10.1 inches, which can be combined with regular “Tidy” or virtual 12.3 cockpit inches. Place washers to control media complex on the central tunnel toolbox for storing small of things. 

Infotainment complex supports Amazon voice assistant Alexa and Car-to-X services, i.e. allows loading in airborne system information about the work of traffic lights and parking. 

The range of units is the same, At the start of sales in Europe the updated Audi Q5 will be available in single version 40 TDI 204 power and 400 NM moment) with the new diesel engine responding latest environmental Euro 6 standards (equipped with diesel “four” 2.0 with aluminum block cylinder and moderate hybrid 12 volt superstructure starter generator. 

Starter alternator with belt driven able to accumulate braking energy in a compact lithium ion battery. Thus hybrid component provides coasting off engine and supports start-stop function at speed-up to 22 km per hour. Acceleration to 100 km / h- 7.6 s. 

It is paired with a motor seven-speed robotic S tronic gearbox, Each version, except the base, four-wheel drive quattro ultra. The engine range will replenish couple more options for a 2.0-liter TDI turbo diesel in different forcing options and complete with moderately hybrid superstructure. 

Later in the line of “refreshed”Q5 will include two versions of gasoline TFSI engine2.0 liters: In addition to the base suspension buyers updated Q5 available three optional options: sports, with damping adjustment system and adaptive suspension on pneumatic elements. 

In the basic equipment of the updatedQ5 enters selection system driving modes Audi Drive Select allows you to change key vehicle parameters. The driver can choose up to seven profiles, including off-road and off-road.


Downhill Assistant provides driver support when driving on slippery slopes. In the initial performance Audi Q5 is equipped with 17-inch rims. Options Advanced and S line suggest 18 inch wheel disks. 

Available as an option options for 19, 20 and 21 inches. With the update, the Audi Q5 received many electronic assistants. Default car equipped with a prevention system collisions. 

Available as an option turn assistant and system opening warnings doors in the parking lot. Also, buyers are invited to adaptive movement assistant allowing significantly reduce the load on the driver. 

Such a system is capable of perform independently acceleration, braking and holding car in a given lane highway driving. How do you like updated Q5, did restyling go to the car for good?